Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unhappy Valentine's Day Mom!!!

See that sweet homemade Valentine's card Roan drew and then gave to Eric?  Go on, take a look it's right down there below this sentence. 

Pretty rad eh?  Too bad I didn't get one.  Nope, notta, nothing, zilch, zip, zero.  Me?  Oh I'm just the woman who gave him life from the time he was a mere cluster of cells, the one who looks after him when he's sick, the one that picks up after him and does his laundry, the one who hugs him and tickles him and takes him out to dinner and to buy Bey Blades.  The one who tells him she loves him every single day, the one that watches Sponge Bob Square Pants with him.  The one who makes him a lunch and drives him to his friends houses, the one who 9/10 times says yes when he asks for a sleepover.  Ya, I didn't get a card.  I'm not bitter.  Not at all.  (No really I'm not.  I think it's sweet that he does this stuff for Eric.)

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