Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In a Trance for Zef

I am by NO means a music critic in any way.  I can't reach into the depths of a song and pull out some hidden meaning written between the lines (not too well any way) and I can't write profound words about an upcoming artist (that would do them any justice). I know what I like and I don't delve too deep into trying to understand just exactly what it is about the band/artist that I like.  I just enjoy it.

Since the inception of the internet and Youtube, many artists are being found this way rather than the age old way of submitting demo tapes to record companies and hoping they end up in their cassette player rather than the garbage can.  Some are awful and pathetic (in my humble opinion) and some deserve to take over the world.

Enter Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er of Die Antwoord, of South Africa.   Die Antwoord are a "fre$, futuristik, flame-throw-flow-freeking, zef-rap, rave krew from da dark dangerous depths of Afrika".  And they are taking the music industry and world by storm.  They do not sound like anything mainstream and current.  They are unique and fresh and new and exciting. 

Eric and I spent Valentines Day with these guys and about 2 thousand other people who clearly love them as much as we do, if not more.  The place was hopping.  Quite literally.  The energy and electricity in the air was buzzing.  This is the second time we've seen Die Antwoord and frankly I think it was better (though the fact that I felt like shit last time we saw them probably didn't help).  They were on fire.  And I was exhausted just watching them. 

Their newest video (as their second album just dropped), I Fink U Freeky plays out like a small movie and it's a-mazing.  The song actually gives me goose bumps in oh so good a way.  I just love it, it makes my adrenaline kick in.  It makes my insides 'feel'.  I can't even figure out the words to describe it, but I feel the song on the inside of my body...if that makes any sense.  Almost like a proud mom. 

Watch it bitches (mom and Jill, you'll both hate it. Of that, I'm sure)!

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