Friday, January 27, 2012


Life is a compilation of never ending struggles.  Some of us fare better than others.  Some of us have to battle harder than others.  It's during these battles that your true colours emerge or shine the brightest...for some.  Sometimes for some people the battle is not easily fought and sometimes for some people they don't get out of those battles alive. 

Yesterday the world lost a truly decent guy.  He fought the fight, and remained a genuine person to the core.  He knew his weaknesses but he didn't allow them to ruin who he was as a person.  He had so much potential and we'll never fully understand or know what he could have been.  I am saddened that these struggles had to be part of his life.  He deserved all the happiness in the world.  He will never truly know how much of an impact he really had on people.  He never 'got' it.  He was a good man, with demons.  In the end, I suppose the demons won.  But they will never take away who he was.   Godspeed Keith.  May you never feel suffering, anguish or pain again. 

1976 - 2012

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  1. Omg, this made me shed a few tears quietly as I read your blog for the FIRST time. I was drawn by your last entry to the "medium" and the first thought was to see if there was thoughts of Keith on here........ And sure enough, here i sit as im suppose to be cleaning! You mushy gushy full of girly goodness. I just love you now. Not that i didnt before, just like the grinch my heart just grew. LOL