Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little spiritual and physical cleansing.

I forgot to mention...before Christmas I went for a spontaneous Thai Massage with a friend of Eric's.  I hope Sarah doesn't mind that I 'borrowed' some information from her Facebook page to tell you a brief synopsis of what exactly that is. 

It is made up of slow, rhythmic movements that flow from one into another.  Many parts of Sarah's body was used to manipulate mine.  Her hands, elbows, knees, legs, feet, you get the idea.  So if you're touchy about someone really  touching you then maybe it's not your thing.  But you should get past that, because it really is worth it.  Any way, back to what it is.  The massage is made up of many yoga-like moves and stretches.  Depending on your sensitivity, mild, firm or strong touches are applied.  Thai massage blends three elements:  accupuncture, yoga and meditation. 

There are supposedly many physical benefits of Thai Massage too!  Detoxification, immune system boost, increased blood circulation, lowered blood pressure, muscle relaxation, increased flexibility, increased mobility, improved breathing, improved posture, corrected body alignment, improved athletic performance, helps arthritis and back pain, helps tone the body, strengthens the joints, fights disease, prevents illness and alleviates degenerative diseases.  There are also several mental benefits as well but you can find all the information on her webpage

So obviously for me to benefit physically and mentally from this type of massage I need to do it on a pretty routine basis.  I've only gone once so far, but I do intend to book another session sooner than later.  It was pretty wild.  I've never done anything like it.  So if you feel like you're missing something physically or spiritually maybe check Sarah and Happy Lotus Thai Massage out!  If you don't like it, fine, but if you love it it might just prove to be the start of a beautiful relationship with yourself (and of course, Sarah).

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