Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Looking Colon

I've been having a lot of problems with my guts and colon and what not.  Hence the reason my doctor sent me for a colonoscopy at 37 years old.  That and the fact that my maternal grandmother had three colon cancer surgeries at quite a young age probably didn't help matters. 

I wasn't so much dreading the procedure as I have had two children and really I have no pride left when it comes to stuff down there.  It was the prep I was leary of.  And I had every right to be.  After each mouthful I'd dry heave.  And I am not proud to say I spent some time on the toilet crying, telling Eric I didn't like him and not to give me anymore of that stuff all while covering my cup like a 5 year old and shaking my head violently NO! 

Anyway, I persevered and made it through and in the end, it was worth it.  For now, I am cancer free (I'm not gonna lie, after everything that's happened this year, I was worried).  Cancer free in my colon and butt any way.  My next doctor's appointment is next week and I'll inquire about a mammogram then.  Dealing with Cancer when it's thrown in your face like this makes you think about your own mortality a little differently. 

So now I'm left to suffer with IBS.  Though I didn't really need a doctor or this procedure to diagnose that.  Now on to some lifestyle changes....

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  1. They may not do a mammogram because of your age. But you can request an ultrasound. First start with a breast exam by your Doctor. If there are any cysts or anything else, request an ultrasound. Best thing to do is monthly examine yourself. I'm a pro at this & the whole ultrasound thang unfortunately. Been down this road many times.