Friday, September 23, 2011

Make the Right Decision!

I read the article above this morning and I cannot get over how much it has upset me.  Perhaps it is because I have a child around the same age and I can't imagine having to go through what this father has gone through.

I posted a note on Facebook tagging the friends of Gage that I have on my account. I truly like them and respect them and I would hope with all of my heart that they would NEVER behave the way this 12 year old bully and his friends have behaved.

I hope Gage, his friends, and every other kid will read the article and truly think about their actions.  It only takes a quarter of a second to smile at someone in the hallway.  I'm not suggesting (you) have to invite them to hang out with your group (though that would be so nice) but a mere smile can "make someone's day".  Please don't be that person who feels better about themselves by destroying another person's self esteem.  Please know that the smallest good will extended to someone who is considered the 'nerd', the 'geek', the 'loser' should be what makes you feel better about yourself.  Please understand that how you treat another person makes a difference in their life.  You may think your actions and behaviours towards another might have no impact on them but you are SO wrong.  If you see one of your 'friends' behaving this way do not be afraid to stand up for the victim and tell your 'friend' that sort of behaviour is inappropriate and does not make them cool in your eyes but the true loser.  Make yourself, your parents, me, and your community proud of your actions, not embarrassed or ashamed of your actions.

I'm not asking you to change the world, just make the right decision and change ONE person's world.

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