Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun in the Sun

So Margie and I were determined this year to get away on a vacation together.  We decided to do an all-inclusive as neither of us has done one before.  We planned for the second week of November.

Yesterday we booked our trip.  I cannot tell you have truly excited I am.  It will be nice to hang with her for a solid week and have no real agenda and no guilt when I spend a lot of time loafing.

We had our minds set on one thing but after speaking with our friend who is also a travel agent, we were swayed to something else.  Something that sounds so much better and more suited to us.
We are booked at The Gran Portal Real.  I'm excited to be able to quickly and easily venture into the little towns adjacent as well as explore the awesome Mayan sites of Tulum, Chichen-Itza, Coba and Xcaret (the Mayan Riviera’s ecoarchaeological theme park.

 I just need to pick up some 100 SPF sunblock.  I'm not sure which one of us thought it was a brilliant idea to send the two fairest people we know this close to the equator.  My skin is going to hate me.

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