Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun Times Fall!

Because I found great success with creating a list for the summer of things I wanted to accomplish, I've decided to do the same thing for the Autumn season as well.  I am aware that I didn't complete every item on my summer wish list, but I did manage to scratch a lot of them off. 

So here goes!  I may, from time to time, add to my Autumn wish list, but here's what I could think up for now.

1. Watch as Roan scores his first goal in soccer.
2. Attend at least one of Gage's highschool football games.
3. Get a pedicure.
4. Book my all inclusive vacation with Margaret.
5. Get on a plane and head to warmer climates.
6. Spend a morning or afternoon at the spa.
7. SAVE MONEY for next year's vacations.
8. Get a sunburn.  (Not a bad one, just one to keep my freckles from fading)
9. Go on a road trip (even if it's just for a day)
10. Build a kitty tower.
11. Go dancing!
12. Finish my "Girlies" tattoo.
13. Start Christmas shopping.
14. Clean out all my closets.

That's good for now.  Not nearly as exciting and fun as my summer list, but a list none the less.  Now to start scratching things off!!

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