Saturday, September 17, 2011

High School Hair Cut

Just before school started I took Gage to get his hair cut.  We assumed he'd just get a trim and wear it as he has for the past 6 months.  However, because there was a 20 minute wait or so I skipped across the street to the drug store leaving him alone to peruse the style book, and when I came back he shocked me by suggesting he might cut all his hair off.  Gage hasn't had 'short' hair since he was about 7.

He was fretting over it so we posted it to Facebook to get a judgement call from his peers.  The results came up 50/50 for shorter or leaving it longer.  No helps basically.  I did inform him it didn't matter which way he went because he'd look good in either and left the decision for him to make.  He hummed and hawed over it until the moment his ass hit the chair and decided.  Lob it off.

The above is how it turned out and it looks awesome.  He looks older than 14 now.  :(  He came over to me after and told me we needed to go home so he could change his t-shirt as he was sweating profusely while she cut it all off.  That kid makes me laugh.

The funniest thing is no one recognized him right away, including his own father.  It's such a transformation.

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