Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cobra on the Move

Eric sent out a bunch of resumes to some job postings this weekend and he scored himself an interview and a 'job testing'. 

The interview he landed was for a landscaping company in the Region.  We looked through their website and were very impressed with the work they have done and he thought he would enjoy spending his days doing that sort of thing.  I particularly liked the idea of him honing those skills and then being able to come home and mimic them in my yard! 

So last night I asked him what he planned on wearing to the interview and he said he was going to ask me what he should wear.  I, of course, said a suit!  As this is a job interview and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  He disagreed with me but heeded my advice.  Little did I know that not every prospective employer is looking for you to come dressed in a suit.  Hmmp!  Eric told him it was easier to agree with me and wear the suit than to try to convince me otherwise.  Basically he blamed the suit on me.  I'm still standing my ground here. 

Over all it seems the interview went well.  My fingers are crossed for Eric that he is offered the job.  I think he's going stir crazy just sitting at his desk doing the book renderings.  It will be nice for him to get out of the house and do some physical labour and work on the book drawings on the side this time around.  The prospective employer was aware and interested in the idea of Eric working on design drawings for him in the future.  So that's a feather in his cap I think...

The 'job testing' is tomorrow with a guy who does stucco. (I also like the idea of Eric honing his stucco skills because down the road I'd like to redo the siding on my house in cedar board and batan and stucco.  But this isn't about me now is it?)  He's not too sure about the idea of doing stucco day in and day out but if it's offered to him and that's his only option for the time being I think he'll take it and just keep looking.  It sounds like the guy who does this can be difficult or hard to please based on the phone call Eric had with him today.  He thinks the guy he was testing out today is a "f*&king ret#*d" and didn't hesitate to tell Eric that.  You have to wonder what kind of decorum and tact this guy has.  Anyway, I figure either they'll hate each other or love each other.  Could go either way. 

So here's hoping something good comes out of these next few days for Eric.  He sure does look handsome in a suit and tie, but I'm guessing he doesn't want to have to squish into it too frequently.

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