Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Geek Kitties!

So we've been on a 'mission' to build our own kitty tower for a few months now.  Roan drew up a drawing of what he would like us to build.  It was so big it would have monopololized my entire bay window.  We scaled it down keeping the look relatively the same.  We were so busy this summer (yeah!) that we didn't really get a chance to work on it too much.  Well last night I stumbled across a design that I am leaning towards...something to appease me and my need to 'hide' things and something to appease the geekiness of Eric.

A TARDIS kitty tower from Dr. Who!!  How ingenious. 

I have faith that Eric can build this.  Now I just need to find him some time to do it between job interviews!

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