Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soccer Saturdays

So this summer our Saturdays are going to consist of two soccer games a day as Roan has decided he's old enough to try it again.  We will also have practices on Wednesday and Thursday nights too.  (Groan, to the practices)

Roan has played two games thus far and during the last game he thought he might try being a goalie and he actually faired pretty well.  He let one in but stopped many.  I think he's going to stick to doing that for a while to see if he can hone those skills a little.

At this age group, his games so far are a little more boring than Gage's as it basically consists of a glob of kids chasing a ball.  There is no real skill set or structure to their games, though I will admit it is far better than two years ago when it was just utterly painful to watch Roan's games.

 We did find it highly entertaining last week watching a kid lose his shit after two goals got past him (even though he'd saved at least 20) and then his father coddling him.  That doesn't happen too often with the older kids when we watch Gage play.

This Saturday we were watching my cousin Melinda's daughter Claire for the day while they went golfing in honour of my dad.  Clearly Roan's soccer game was exhausting even to watch.  It's tough being the #1 fan.

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