Sunday, June 12, 2011

Epic Failure

Today we had so many fun things planned for the day and we didn't seem to find success in any of them.

First we headed off to the go-karts for an hour of fun before Gage's soccer game .  We managed 5-6 laps before a group of older teens came on to the course and were acting like assholes, bumping and passing and just plain being dicks.  At one point, after side swiping me and hitting my car, one of them smashed into the back of Eric.  When he looked around to see who the culprit was he found this tool and Gage (though he didn't realize it was Gage at the time).  Not being sure who actually hit his car, he got pissed and demanded they be kicked off the track.  Sadly I think there was some confusion but it still cut Gage's time on the track short.
Roan however, seemed to have a total blast.  It was his first time riding in a go-kart alone let alone driving one.  He did awesome.  We let him finish all his laps while we waited with Gage. 
I had gotten out of my car after seeing Eric lunge after the asshole teenager in the middle of the track.  I didn't need to be bailing him out of jail.  Thankfully, Eric's friend works there and was on the situation immediately.  It all ended peacefully I suppose. 

This is a picture of me prepping myself for my go-kart experience.  A sweet hairnet and helmet.  Unbeknownst to me when Eric asked me to pose for the picture I happened to make the exact same pose as the gorilla behind me.  Funny...

This was while everything was still fun, fun, FUN! 

After we left the Go-karts, we headed over to Canadian Tire to pick up fishing licenses for Eric and myself.  Later today we had plans to take the boys on a Salmon fishing charter on Lake Ontario.

We then made our way over to the soccer field only to discover that Gage's 'make up' game for being rained out last week was canceled and they are planning to 'make up' the 'make up' game.  So plan number two ruined as well.

The above picture is a fishing lure that Eric created and planned to use in hopes of warning the fish not to fall for delicious looking lures.

Once we got to Port Dalhousie and met up with the Captain and the Skipper it was decided that the weather wasn't really co-operating with us and it was in our best interest that we reschedule our afternoon for a day when the winds and waters were calmer.  I wasn't complaining!  July sounds like a much nicer month to go on a fishing charter anyway.

So since we were in Port and it took us a while to find a parking spot we thought we'd wander up the dock and take in a little of the day.  By the time we got to the end of the dock my feet were soaked from the waves coming up onto the path and I was cold.  Just as well we didn't get out in the middle of the lake on a boat.  I'd have been miserable.  So we took some pictures and watched the boys make asses out of themselves.  Always entertaining.  Then we headed back to the car, but not before stopping for ice-cream. 

Me clearly not being able to eat ice-cream and drive at the same time.

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