Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summertime Rolls

After reading my sister-in-law's blog, I've found some inspiration from her Lovin' Summer update.  I too am stoked that the nice weather is finally here.  I have found in the past year or so just how much I enjoy sitting out on my back patio until the mosquitos come out and even sometimes after they're out.  I love eating my dinner at my patio table.  I love BBQ and smelling my neighbours BBQ'd dinners as they cook.  I love that it stays light out past nine o'clock.  I love that my yard and garden looks nice. I just love the smell in the air and the sounds of summer.  I love that I have so many more options. 

So, with that in mind, I am also going to write my summer wishlist.  I plan to come back to this list in September, to see how much I actually got done.  Some of these are the same as Anita's.  (Her last two blog updates actually make me think we are basically the same person.) 

1. Take the kids to the beach at least once.
2. Watch as Roan scores his first goal in soccer. 
3. Spend more time with my extended family (on both sides).
4. Have more dinners with friends. (2)
5. Take the boys camping for a few days by a beach.  (Separate from #1).
6. Finish the work we started around the yard.
7. Put up a fence, and increase my patio space.
8. Have friends over often for beer on the patio.
9. Get to an amusement park at least once with the boys.
10. Get to an amusement park at least once with adults.
11. Break out a spontaneous soccer game with the boys and their friends.
12. Be a soccer mom twice each Saturday.
13. Go to BINGO at least once with Lesley.
14. Take in a summer concert.
15. Take the boys to the racetrack (horses, not cars).
16. Take lots of pictures.
17. Play hookie from work for a day.
18. Get my left arm tattoo started/completed.
19. Get a pedicure or two.
20. Spend a morning or afternoon at the spa.
21. See Gage graduate from Grade 8
22. Save money for next years vacations.
23. Go down a waterslide.
24. Get a sunburn (not a bad one, just for some more freckles and that sunkissed look.)
25. Go fishing with my kids.
26. Camping or cottage with friends.
27. Go garagesale-ing with Margaret.
28. Go to the drive-in.
29. Go for bike rides.
30. Go on a road trip.  Even if it is just a day.
31. Go for walks through the neighbourhood in the evenings. 
32. Say hello more often to all of my neighbours.
33. Laugh so hard I cry.  And maybe pee a little.
34. Sit by a fire.
35. Jump on the trampline with Roan.
36. Teach Roan how to do a backflip.
37. Sleep in. 
38. Read an awesome book or two or three. 
39. Drive a go-cart.
40. Hike in the gorge.
41. Go to the Zoo.
42. Go to Merrittville Speedway.
43. Make a kitty tower.
44. Witness Gage take the Gold medal in track.
45. Go to the PRIDE parade.

I think that's it for now.  I may add to this list throughout the summer as things pop into my head.  That's enough goals to get me started anyway.
So here's to a great summer.  It's gotta be better than this past spring.

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