Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kind to the Kitties

Last night Roan decided to design a new kitty structure for our brood of 5 feline friends.  The first one he designed would have taken up our entire bay window (5 panes of glass).  I thought it might be a little excessive so I asked him to pare it down a little and he came up with the following drawing.  It's gonna be pretty sweet for the cats. 

After he did the drawing, Roan and I watched a show about the worlds nicest cars and during that time Eric decided to model the drawing in Sketchup so he could sort out exactly how to make this thing.   It's gonna be pretty amazing.  We have a lot of the wood left over after doing the railing and the shed, my dad has a bunch of wood pieces in his work shop as well and any extras we can just pick up.  I have some carpeting left in storage at work that we will use to give them a couple of scratch posts and I'm sure we can find something to use for the hammock-like stations.  

I think it's gonna be fun to build, I hope Roan doesn't lose interest too quickly.  

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