Sunday, June 12, 2011

Porch Safety

Lately we've been doing work around the outside of the house.  Well, mainly Eric has.  But I buy the stuff, so I'll include myself in that statement.  I also cleaned up my gardens, laid mulch and planted flowers, so I'm not entirely useless.  Though my poor Forget Me Nots that someone gave to us when my dad passed away have also passed away themselves.  I'm hoping I can revive them, but if not, I'll have to go buy some more...

Anywho, you've already seen pictures of the shed.  And soon I'd like to be able to post pictures of it painted all lovely like and matching my house.  I'd also like to be able to state that the back fence has been repaired and re-installed but so far I can't.  What I can announce right now though is how amazing my new porch railing looks, although it, too, is not complete.  Eric just has to nail down the very top boards, as you'll see in the picture (the boards that give it a completed/finished look), cut the posts down so they are all even and I'll grab some post caps this week to complete the whole task.  

Next up, finishing the projects we have started (as mentioned above), and working out a price quote for the fencing I want him to do next to make my backyard completely private and thus giving us some extra patio space to further enjoy beers on.  

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