Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carpet! Genie! ALADIN!

Last night Eric and I headed to Fort Erie for a night of games with our friends, Mike, Kori and Lesley.  En route we had a lovely road trip of sing song car karaoke of 80's trashy hits, we got slightly lost, and at some point I lost my sight and was mildly disoriented and drove on the shoulder for at least a city block before realizing my error.  I will say this though, the shoulder on Netherby Road was smoother than most of the city streets in both Niagara Falls and St. Catharines. 

When we got to the house that Lesley is watching (on a farm) we had a small tour and I was tickled pink that the entire upstairs loft/attic living area was along the same lines as my space however this house used the space much, MUCH better.  I took a bunch of photos so I could (wishful thinking) renovate my bedroom area to mimic what this house had.  It was so nice and exactly what I want for my personal space.  So now I've got to measure the perimeter of my attic space so Eric can do a 3-D rendering of what I would love for my space to look like on Sketch Up.  So now this desire to renovate has kind of trumped our trip to BC this year.  I've also come up with some ideas for the outside of my house as well... So many ideas!

Any way, back to game night.  We played Pictionary Man and Scattagories.  I have to say I was so much better at Pictionary than I was anticipating.  We had a good time and lots of laughs and it was nice to get out of the house again this weekend and hang with some friends.

This weekend coming up, we're hoping to be able to head to London Friday night for a Matadors show provided we can find someone to watch the boys overnight.  I'm hoping this winter slump is finally over and us wanting to venture out of our house and be social again is a sure sign of spring around the corner.  

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