Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing Amazon

Uh oh....I think I may have just discovered a new obsession.  One that could be potentially costly.  I'm actually a little shocked that I took this long to truly discover .  I ordered 5 books from the comfort of my bed two nights ago, sadly one had to be cancelled as it wasn't in stock and I'm waiting on the last one to ship but the other three have been sent out to me already.  It's a little like Christmas for me.  (I'm well aware that my credit card is being dinged for them, but still.) 

I love the freedom to take my time and browse through a butt load of books I wouldn't normally have even been aware of.  I think I've found some potentially great (but heavy) reads. 

Oh Amazon why have you evaded me for this long?  I'm glad we've now found each other and I trust we will have a long (yet expensive) relationship with each other.

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