Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My less than exciting life.

I took the week off work to coincide with March Break for the boys and man I am not sure who was looking more forward to the week off, them or me.

The weather has been relatively cooperative and I've managed to relax and be productive thus far.  The boys have managed to stay entertained (sleepovers, soccer dome, movies, Lasertag, escorting me on errands, and assisting with yardwork so far) since Friday so I'm also pleased with not having to listen to them bitch about how bored they are.

This past weekend, Eric and I took a relatively quick road trip to Toronto on Friday to hang with Jon for a little bit.  My guts were killing me, so we decided to ax the idea of spending the night and returned home that evening.  Saturday we ran some errands and I managed to score Gage some new soccer gear on sale which I wasn't expecting.  We went for breakfast at Pan in St. Catharines and it's probably the first time in a long time that I was able to eat and not feel like shit after.  It was delicious and I'd love to go there for lunch the next time.  We stopped by the Market and my friend Kent and his wife Lee were running a booth for their online business www.trulyorganicfoods.com so we chatted for a little bit before making a couple of purchases and ventured on our way.  Saturday of course was game night with Mike, Kori and Lesley.  Sunday Eric and I went for breakfast buffet in Fonthill and whittled away our quiet afternoon.

Monday I grabbed Gage, as Roan had slept at a friend's house and had gone to Brock University to go swimming for the afternoon, and we went to run some errands (his haircut, MTO to transfer the car we got from my grandmother into my name, the bank, lunch, etc).  I attempted to start to clean up my yard after the thaw (clearly the ugliest time of the year) then I called it a 'productive' day.

Tuesday consisted of Roan going to a birthday party at Lasertag and Gage and I cleaning up 6 bag fulls of yard waste!  More to do tomorrow.  It's sad isn't it that this sort of thing excites me now?  Tonight I spent a few hours drawing monsters with Roan (I'll post pictures once we have them all coloured in.  They are after all, masterpieces.)  And now I'm listening to him sing softly in the bath tub.  Sometimes there isn't a better sound.

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