Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ring Ring!

A couple weekends ago, Eric and I went to Toronto to see Joe Rogan as mentioned in a previous post and the following day on our way back to Ryan O's from breakie we stopped into an antique shop near his house.  We spent probably close to an hour wandering through the small, cramped store and I finally stumbled across the one thing I was looking old rotary dial black wall phone for my kitchen.

We checked to make sure it worked at the shop and it did so I caved and bought it.  I also picked up a small pocket ashtray for Eric that he had his eye on.   The centre of the dial even has the original 4 digit phone number on it.  It's so heavy you could probably kill someone if you smacked them over the head with the receiver.

I was excited and curious to hear it ring.  I figured it would be crazy loud, but sadly the ringer is broken.  That makes Holly a sad girl.  So while I'll  Eric will probably still hang it on my kitchen wall for me, I'll keep my eyes peeled for a similar phone with a WORKING ringer.

It was so entertaining watching the boys figure out what the hell to do with this 'dial thingy'.  They honestly had NO idea.  Awesome.


  1. The ringers on the old phones require more power than the current phone lines deliver. The only way to get a working one is to get a fake or a modified phone.