Tuesday, August 21, 2012

White Trashapalooza!

So it seems my brother and his wife may have inadvertently started a new trend.  This year for my brother's 40th birthday they had their 2nd annual "White Trash Party".  It's probably insulting to red necks but to 'those' people you can't really insult them so don't worry your pretty little heads over it.  I'm quite certain they'd think we did them proud.

I should have taken pictures of the house as it appeared when we drove up.  There were tacky signs about Geoff being 40 and cars parked all over the front lawn with gardening tools strategically placed, or strewn about rather.  There was a smorgasbord of food consisting of Kentucky Fried Chicken, wieners and beans, baked beans, hot dog and cheese kabobs (raw of course), jambalaya and the birthday cake made solely of Twinkies pasted together with icing.

I don't recall any spectacular decorations, aside from the bras in the tree, because everyones' outfits stole the show.  It was a musical revue for my eyes.  Aside from two people (who joined us following a legit, non-white trash party) EVERYONE showed up in costume and might I add, they totally BROUGHT it!!  Value Village must have seen a spike in their sales this past week. 

Eric and I showed up trying to go for a different trashy look this year over last and this time we brought our kidlets in tow, who also represented.  I still can't look at the pictures of Roan without laughing.  He was a great sport and even won his own 'best costume' award:  an unopened box of Twinkies.  He was quite pleased with himself and proceeded to eat the box of Twinkies for breakfast the next morning.  Nothing trashy about being a mom who allowed that, right? 

I channeled Peg Bundy, Eric channeled a cross between Ninja of Die Antwoord and Al Pacino in Taxi Driver (but for some reason I thought he still looked crazy hot), Roan channeled the stereotypical white trash boy and Gage channeled a 'wigger' teenager ( I know it's a harsh term, but it's a term none the less). 

Dawn and Anita bought their supplies at K-mart in the States (who knew that this style was back in?), my mom formulated a cross between her mother and mother in law and sported a buttload of polyester.  We weren't lacking for kindling if we needed it. 

Kind of wish we'd had it in us to take an entourage trip to Walmart.  We probably would have ended up on the People of Walmart website.  Then we'd have known we truly nailed it. 


  1. I don't like being made fun of. :P

  2. Lol. Looks like so much fun but you seem to be lacking in the mullet department..

  3. Actually, the cake brought back memories of a wedding I once attended.

  4. I must introduce this theme to the UK!