Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do ya feel lucky, punk?

I've never been a recipient of too much good luck.  Just not meant for me I guess.  I have gone through lengthy periods of time where I thought if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all.  I felt like a black cloud was always lurking over my head.  Then I gave up thinking about it and the world shifted.  Not in any "I just won the lottery" way, but it shifted in 'the bad shit seems to happen to others now' way.  My life is mundane...lacking of excitement and I'm completely ok with that.  Good excitement would be nice but if it means I have to give up the chance of good excitement to lose the bad excitement then I'm willing to sacrifice. 

Until last week...well I suppose a little while longer, but mainly last week.  Let's venture back a couple of months, because that's when this kinda, sorta started. 

I went garage sailing with my mom one weekend and came upon a 60" Sony Wega flat screen television.  At first I wasn't entirely sure that it was even for sale as it was on, and playing the Terminator.  I first assumed the owner was merely watching it to help pass the time during the sale,  but upon closer inspection I noticed a little "for sale" sticker on it.  So I inquired, pretty sure that it was going to be out of my spending range.  He told me that the picture was starting to darken on it but that he had a brand new bulb for it that just had to be put in and he wanted to sell both of them together.  So again, I asked, "How much?".  His reply?  Thirty bones.  Yup, you read that right, I wasn't missing the hundred in front of that thirty.  Thirty measly dollars.   "I'll take it!", I shouted and then proceeded to try to cram it into my car with no success.  I mean it is 60 inches after all.  So other means were taken and the tv eventually came home with me.  To Eric's lovely surprise.  And it was all I talked about for days months.  Who am I kidding?  I still talk about it.  It was hard not to blog about it but I was waiting.  Waiting for what I'm not sure, but I suppose for just this post. 

See how big it is next to the chair and my attic access?  Oh sweet score...

Anywho, fast forward to last week.  Eric and I were working some more on the new 'den' which is taking forever to complete (but that's an entirely different post)!  We got to talking about what tv we should put in there as this 60" is way too big for the space.  We decided a nice 40 or 42 inch flat screen would be a perfect size.  And then the conversation was over.  Later that afternoon Eric's brother shows up for a visit bearing mail from the parental unit's house for Eric.  Upon opening it we discovered a lovely $700 from Revenue Canada that we were not expecting.  Oh hello!  What a nice surprise.  That surely never happens to us. 

Then Monday after work I took Gage to the mall to buy some new shoes.  After visiting three stores umpteen number of times he finally settled on a $90 pair of shoes.  Groan.  But when they were rung in at the cash they came up as $50.  Quick, let's pay and get the hell out of here!  What I think happened is whomever keyed the code into the register keyed in the wrong price because not only was the shoe marked $90, but the ledge it was sitting on was also marked $90.  It was pretty clear that I was supposed to be paying $90.  Sweet score!  We were both pretty happy about it.  Frankly I'm surprised he didn't try to convince me to buy him another pair. 

Upon arrival home following our good luck I walked past the den on my way upstairs and spotted out of the corner of my eye a 40" Samsung flat screen television sitting in a completely sealed up box looking all pretty.  At first I was taken aback that Eric would just go ahead and buy something like that without me around.  And then I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he did, as that just isn't like him.  I asked the boys if they had seen him leave to buy this, they hadn't.  Then we just stood there staring at it like it was a dead body.  We might as well have had sticks to poke it.  Later that night Eric called me from work (which he only does if he's in the hospital) to ask me if I'd ordered a tv on line.  I was shocked silent because if he's asking me that, then he clearly didn't go buy it.  Did we seriously just have a 40" flat screen show up randomly at our house?  Why crazy kids, yes we did!  Thank you Purolator TV Gods!   We figured they'd show up (or someone would) sooner or later to retrieve it but in the backs of our minds we were hoping Walmart would just send the purchaser out another one.  We were willing to leave it untouched for two weeks, after that squatters rights kicks in doesn't it?  Doesn't matter, the point is moot.  The tv was picked up and taken to its rightful home two days later.  Boo-urns.  And thus we return back to the land of "meh".  It was fun while it lasted though. 

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