Sunday, December 18, 2011

Red Eyed Flies

In the beginning of summer Eric and I were shopping and came across an item for three bucks.  It was guaranteeing that it would catch all the flies in my backyard so they didn't pester us when we sat out on the patio.  We opened it and set it up.  Mildly disappointed and pretty sure it wasn't going to work.  We were right.  Not one fly was caught (in the first month or so).  But the magic potion that was supposed to lure the flies, reeked.  Like a dead fish.  So disgusting.  We ended up having to put it pretty far away from the patio so we weren't constantly grossed out by the smell of decaying fish.  All for naught.  Or so we thought...

At the end of August Eric pointed out to me what our 'fishing for flies' expedition yielded.  Double ew!  The bag weighed about 4 lbs, made up of mostly dead flies.  The weird thing was that in the solution, their eyes turned red. 

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