Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Holiday Season is Among Us.

Oh happy holidays! I figure if I keep saying it, eventually I'll believe in it.  It's that time of year when friends and loved ones gather to toast and cheer and reflect upon the year.  We think about our wins (not too many this year) and our losses (the most profound), our hurts (my heart) and our healings (my soul), and then we look into the future and think about the New Year and decide to believe it can only be better. 

So here are my cheers to 2011 and what I am grateful for:  I am grateful for my family.  They give me strength and comfort.  All of them.  This year showed me, deep to my core, that my family is so much more than my children, Eric, my parents and siblings.  My extended family carved a much deeper resting place in my heart than they already sat.  I am grateful for my father and all that he was to me and all that he will remain to me.  I am grateful for my in-laws who have welcomed me and my boys into their family. I am grateful for my friends who know even in my absence how important they are to me and still love me.   I am grateful for my job and the staff I get to work with.  My head is covered by a roof and I am able to adequately feed my family and keep us warm.  I am grateful to my cats.  Though they make me crazy, they also make me smile.

A few last holiday thoughts:  As we sleep in our beds, may we remember the homeless.  As we visit with friends and family, may we remember the lonely.  And as we sit down to dinner, may we remember the hungry. 

Happy Holidays to all those I love and beyond!  Cheers to a much brighter 2012!

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