Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Tuesday the 20th was my dad's birthday.  I have been focused so much on Christmas and how I was both dreading it and trying to figure out a way to honour him that I gave little thought to how his birthday might affect me.  Well my feet were kicked out from underneath me and I got punched in the gut with grief (repeatedly). 

I am lacking any real energy or desire to blog about it, but needless to say it was the third most emotional day of my life, thus far.  The first being the day he died and the second being the day of our final farewell.  I couldn't get a handle on my emotions and I had a complete emotional breakdown.  I suppose I knew this day would come.  Of course, I've cried since his funeral, many times.  But nothing like what I just went through.  I was a wreck.  I still feel drained. 

Gage wanted to get a cake for his birthday so I grabbed some cupcakes on my way home from (a pointless day of) work.  After dinner, the four of us lit a candle in each of our cupcakes, quietly made a wish or said a prayer for my dad then blew out our candles.  I'm happy with what we chose to do to honour him.  He'd be ok with that.  Simple, just like him. 

Happy 62nd birthday dad!  We love you. 

Thanks to LB for making me this picture collage.

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