Sunday, December 11, 2011

Houston. Houston. Tomato. Tomato.

Random Facts (at least in Holly's mind):

I am filled with illusions of grandeur.  It is not currently 80 degrees here.  The high today was 63 and clearly I missed it. 

I found myself feeling much more content on an airplane when there was a uniformed pilot sitting in the seat directly in front of me and one sitting in the seat directly behind me. 

Louis C.K. should be way more handsome.  I would then want to sleep with him.  Funny men make me laugh.  And laughing makes me....  It really is a travesty that he isn't better looking.  Probably doesn't help that he reminds me of my brother.  Maybe that's the problem!

Stetsons even run amok in the airport.  It didn't take long to come across my first one. 

Houston airport gave me my luggage right away.  That never happens to me.  Nope, not ever. 

Company credit cards are lame.  What's the point in having one if it isn't going to work!?

I ate dinner alone in a restaurant for the first time in my life.  I never want to do that again!  It turned out NOTHING like a Hollywood movie.  Total let down. 

There are way too many hot, expensive, sleek vehicles in this city that keeps throwing how much money is here in my face.  I want some in my pocket. 

Blockbuster still exists here.  Case in point about the loads of money in this city comment. 

I think I just cost myself $8.  I lifted the mini bottle of JD out of the bar fridge to admire its cuteness.  I think I got charged for it.  I put it back.  It might be too late.  I don't even like JD.

I am, however, enjoying a $3.50 can of gingerale from said fridge.  I'll try to take more than just three sips.

I feel like I'm laying on the back of a fluffy goose.  A smooshy, squishy, fluffy goose.  This bed is amazing (said just like Charlie Day would say it)!

The drive into the downtown core of Houston hit me almost as much as driving into NYC does.  Almost, but not quite.  It was still pretty awesome. 

I'm pretty bummed I forgot the camera.  All this and I haven't even made it to head office where I have to introduce myself to the "front guard".  A guard!  I'm gonna admit, I'm a little excited about this.  In my mind, he is NOT the same as a door man.

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