Friday, October 21, 2011

For Eric

Sometimes I'm not the best at showing my true feelings or even saying them with words even though I know you need me to.  I'm flawed.

I know you hate my music with every fibre of your being but I truly believe I could have written this song about you (if I had any talent).  It's not very long, I promise.  And it won't make your ears bleed. So if you want some more insight into my feelings for you, you'll listen to the lyrics. 

I love you Johny Cobra.  And don't fear, I WILL car karaoke it for you.  No problem.


  1. Christina Perri???
    Seriously? I <3 her! I bought her cd over the summer.
    Carrie's anthem is Bang Bang Bang!

    1. This is beautiful Holly. So wonderful to know you love my wonderful son so fully.