Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Costume? Party Pooper.

I seem to have lost all interest in Halloween.  Not just this year but for the past few years.  (Granted, two years ago I was really into, but that's only because it fell on a Saturday night so Eric and I trapsed up to Boys Town in Toronto and spent the night with the best group of people to ever celebrate all hallow's eve - the gays!!) 

Lately it just seems like it's used more and more as an excuse for women and girls to dress like pure slutes.  And since my legs are now riddled with cellulite that's not really feasible for me.  I am polite you know, and don't feel it's my place to subject everyone to look at my cottage cheese legs. (I just wish others had this common courtesy.)  I'm also almost always too cold to wear scantidly clad outfits anyway. 

My boys don't even seem to care about it this year either.  And while I'm secretly glad that I won't have to spend a fortune on costumes for them, it almost saddens me that this childhood event isn't still holding strong in their lives.  I'm also a little disappointed that I won't have two candy bags to root through and steal mini chocolate bars from. 

I'm going to try to muster up the strength and excitement to get, at least, Roan into it.  He's ten for crying out loud.  He should be in countdown mode to Trick or Treating.  Not the case.  But having just reread that sentence it has occured to me that it will likely be me having to drag his cold (and mine) whiney butt around the neighbourhood so maybe I'll rethink that. 

It boggles my mind looking through my friend's posts on Facebook just how much people actually look forward to this time of year. I wish I had the energy.  They spend weeks, months even thinking up and creating a costume.  They decorate their houses (inside AND outside)!  They bake goodies shaped like pumpkins, and ghosts which despite my indifference to the holiday, I'd happily eat.  It's so bizarre to me.  I'm just so lazy, the thought alone tires me out. 

So despite my 'blah' feeling towards the night, I wish all the wanna be ghouls and goblins in my life a wonderful Halloween season.  I hope it brings you buttloads of candy and frights galore!!  Just living on Gore Street is enough for me, thanks.

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  1. Maybe Roan's not into it this year as his trick or treat partner isn't here to take him out. Hopefully he'll get back into it next year.