Friday, April 22, 2011

Story of our Futures

I have lots of things to post about but I haven't been feeling up to writing too much lately.  I promise to get to it soon enough.  Hopefully over this long weekend.  For now though I'm going to share with you the results of mine and Eric's palm readings that we had done tonight on a spur of the moment.  And by spur of the moment I mean, we've walked past this little store front shop a couple of times and discussed it but finally caved tonight.

It was a sketchy little place which is probably why we were hesitant the last few times we've gone past it.  Eminem was blaring from the speakers, and there as stuff everywhere.  I am pretty sure she is a hoarder.  Anyway, I suppose I shouldn't expect real professionalism from a fortune teller, so here goes.

Eric went first and based on what she reported he is:

  • Independent.  (I could probably argue against this statement a little bit.)
  • He's decided that his main purpose in life is about him and pleasing himself now.  
  • He is his own boss and though it may be short term it could lead into something else for him and he will be successful. (He sort of is, so she's right there, and I'm hoping she's right about it turning into something else that he's successful at.)
  • He has many sleepless nights and tends to analyze everything.  He over thinks things. And he suffers from lower back pain. (She is bang on.)
  • She sees a 'marriage' for him and two kids.  And no problems with this relationship.  (I guess he's got that already.)
  • He has a large move in his future and it will be beside water.  (We have planned to move to BC in 9 years or so... on the island.)
  • Someone close to him will be having surgery in the future, but not to worry it will be successful.  (I hope it isn't me or the boys.  We've had enough hospital shit for a while.)
  • Everything he has in life, he worked for.  Nothing was ever handed to him.  
  • He has a temper and he can be very stubborn.  (So true.)
  • He will give the shirt off of his back to help someone out and he's eager to please those he is closest to even at the risk of getting hurt.  (I'm pretty sure this is true as well.)
  • He will have a long life and will die of old age, not accident or illness.  (So does that mean he can keep smoking??)

Then I went:

  • I too will live a long life.  (Nothing mentioned about me dying naturally of old age though.  Figures.)
  • I am independent, but I need to get over my shyness and stop allowing people to walk all over me.  (Uhm, what?)
  • I've made the decision that I'm going to focus on pleasing myself first in my life.  (Right after my kids...)
  • I'll be married with two kids.  (Done and done.  Oh wait, she means in the future. I guess I've got both of those too.)  She also said it would be problem free.
  • She sees a large purchase in 3-5 years.  Possibly new real estate.  (I'm thinking more along the lines of a washer and dryer. )
  • She said there is a female in my life who I think is a friend who is also needy and that I should watch my back and not trust her as she's going to turn on me.  ( for thought)
  • I suffer from stomach problems and I get frequent headaches and that they are caused by stress.  (Is that trait for tall, thin, redheaded, fair skinned girls?  Cause how'd she know that?)
  • I have small anxiety but not to worry as it won't get any worse than it currently is.  (I wasn't aware.)
  • I can be real mean when I want to be.  (I'm still laughing about this comment.)
  • I am struggling with a large life altering decision.  I'm torn between two things.  She told me to go with my heart.  It won't steer me wrong. (If I knew which one my heart was voting for, I wouldn't be in this predicament.) 
 All in all, entertaining.  But very short.  I expected it to take more than a minute each.  I was also a little disappointed that she didn't even look at Eric's left hand until he asked her to.  And when she did, she made no comment on his Simian Line.  She could have cared less.  I thought for sure she'd tell him he had a touch of Down Syndrome or something, but nope!  I am such a skeptic that I don't even think she knows what it is.  Some palm reader!

She also asked us to think of two wishes before we started and at the end she hoped our wishes came true for us.  Eric asked me what I wished for and I told him that I wished that my mom would be ok and be able to work through her grief and only hang on to all the good memories of my dad.  And I wished for me to be able to find a way to complete all the things I want to do around my house.  So I guess that means I wished for money.  He commented on how I went big with my wishes so I asked him what his were. He says he picked two wishes where he would see some concrete results sooner than later. Just to justify if she was 'right' or not.  He picked oral sex and regular sex.  Classy.  It's too bad he told me, because I hear I'm capable of being very mean when I want to be and so I expect I'll see that temper of his at some point tonight.  I like testing fate like that.

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