Sunday, April 3, 2011

The warmth of sunshine on my face

This week has been gray, dark and drab, but I did get a couple glimpses of sunlight to help cheer me up.  It's funny how good news tends to come our way when we need it the most.

The first one is materialistic and well we all know that I'm a teeny, tiny bit happy with material things.  Because my dad has been in the hospital and the expectation is that he will be for another couple of weeks, minimum, I decided to plug in my Income Tax software and do my own taxes for the first time in my life.  My dad has always been my accountant.  Well I spent the extra time and went through every single possible deduction there is to ensure I wasn't missing anything and well folks, this lady is getting back just under $5000.00 this year.  Oh that makes me a happy girl, for a little while anyway.

Thursday night the girls from work had a charity fashion show to attend and since we'd already bought the tickets prior to all the bad news on Sunday I thought it was a good idea for my sanity to still attend and try to have a nice night out.  A good time, we had.  I'm so thankful I went as it was what I needed if only for a few hours.  It was to benefit Pathstones - an organization that assists children with mental illness. It was held on the 26th floor of The Tower Hotel (formerly the Minolta and Panasonic Tower in Niagara Falls).  Dinner was so delicious, the company was awesome and the view was fantastic being we were right over the actual Falls.  The clothes in the fashion show were really nice and so affordable, 5 out of the six of us won door prizes (I walked away with hair products from a salon), a mishap of spilled water and candle wax made me laugh so hard (and probably at a really inappropriate time when they were telling us about Pathstone Foundation and what they do), and a dude in the hotel opposite us ramming his bare ass against the window and mooning us all were the highlights.

And the best highlight of my week happened on Friday at work when  I got a phone call from Gage's teacher.  Usually I groan when she calls me and I won't lie, I groaned when she first identified herself, but she quickly put me at ease telling me the reason for her call was to let me know how proud she has been of Gage over the past three weeks.  Seems he's really made some changes at school.  He's been more positive in class, participating in the lectures and activities like a scholarly student.  His attitude has completely changed from being the class clown, to being a worthy participant.  She's spoken to his other two teachers who also commented on how proud they were of Gage and that they had noticed his changes as well.  I told her what has been going on this past week and how much it is and will have an impact on Gage.  More so just to forewarn her should he start to slide back into past behaviours or act out in class.  She was going to speak with him Friday afternoon about it let him know that he has a support system at school as well as at home.  Every bit helps right?  Those are the phone calls from the school that I like receiving!  I couldn't have used that news at a more appropriate time.  I have great kids and they are what is going to get me through this next chapter of my life.   

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