Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the still of the night

Last night I had the honour and privilege of being summoned by my dad, to the hospital, to spend the night with him. I was going on one hour sleep, and while sleep is very important to me, spending any time with my dad and easing any discomfort he has, whether emotional or physical, trumps my love of sleep.  He was a little restless, but I think team Holly and Kit fared pretty well.  We had some great talks, we had some nice moments of silence, we had some good laughs, we had some quiet time just chilling and watching tv, and we had some good quality father/daughter hangout.  All things I've taken for granted in the past and vow to never do again.  I heard every word he said to me and I hope he heard what I said to him.  He is my hero. 

Today after 6 hours of sleep I headed back over to the hospital to find my dad in pain and discomfort.  He was at his wit's end.  Watching him struggle with his pain was difficult for me. I remember only one other time in my life where I saw my father cry.  Today was hard on all of us.  I'm glad my sister, my aunt Michelle, my brother and Eric were there... that I wasn't alone with him when it happened, but most importantly that he wasn't alone. I think by the end of the day he was in better spirits and starting to get more comfortable but days like today just reiterate to me how difficult the weeks and months to come are going to be.  We will have good days and bad days, peaks and valleys on this journey we are about to embark on.

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