Monday, April 25, 2011

SPACE: The Final Frontier

Some of you have read this already on Eric's page, but I wanted to add it to my page for future reference, and so I'd have a forever copy of it, though I do still have the original masterpiece. 

A little while ago Roan brought home a pile of stuff from school.  We're not sure what the purpose of this was...if it's an essay, a typing lesson, a journal, etc. but it's clearly AMAZING.  It has been transcribed exactly how it was originally typed by the author, and Eric has highlighted some of his favourite parts.  It's an excersise for your brain as well while it tries really hard to read phonetic spelling...

If this sort of written work doesn't give you a clear insight into just how quickly Roan's brain is running, nothing will.  I hope reading this and understanding what he has to deal with in his head on a daily basis gives more people the patience they need to deal with Roan and his quirks.    Too funny!!

SPACE IS VARY INTORESTING TRIONS OF PLANETS AND GALAXSES ALL IN OUR HEWG HEWMUGES UNEVERS  AND OUR SOLER SITAM JUPATER WITH 61 MOONS URANUS WITH 9 MOONS EARTH WITH 1 MOON AND ALL THE ATHER PLANETS in the SOLER SISTAM AND THERE ARE MANY DIFRENT AND BIGER STARS THAN THE SUN ANDTRILEONS OF MORE ANDBIGER PLANETS THANEARTH TO BUT NOT a lot OF PLANETS SESTAN LIFE ATHER THAN EARTH. SPACE IS A VERY BIG PLACE WITH TRILEONS OF MILEONS OF NEET THINGS TO BUT ALIENS COULD BE OUT THERE TO THOU I THINK WE CANT BE THE ONLY LIFE IN THE UNEVERS THE UNEVERS IS JUST SO BIG THAT IT CAN FIT SO MANY WANDERFULL LIFE JUST MILONS OF THE PLANETS DONT HAVE ATMISFIRS OR ANY OXEJEN FOR US TO BREETH . METERS CAN COME THREW OUR ATMISFUR AND KILL PEOPLE BUT IT USHULY DOSONT happen VERY OFTENT BUT I THINK it is WHAT KILLED THE DINOSORS BUT IT MAYMHAVE NOT YOU NEVER KNOW IF YOUR NEVER THERE BUT THINGS happen LIKE THAT BUT PEOPLE HAVEVANESHED MILONS OF HABETATS TO THOU PEOPLE DESTROYED EARTH ALLSO I WISH PEOPLE HAVE NEVER DO SUCH A THING LIKE THAT EVER BUT OVER TIME ANIMALS LIFE WILL JUST FADE AWAY BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE VERY INTELEGENT LIKE PEOPLE BUT ONLY SOME PEOPLE USE THE INTELAGENT PEOPLE sometimes JUST DESTROY EVERYTHING instead. BUT METERS AND COMETS PAST EARTH AND THE MOON ALL THE TIME. Space is just a big ixsplotion and it is just expanding and expanding. The sun is about half way to exploding into a black hole that has the strength to crush something flatter than a pees of paper but that wont happen for so long from now . And we might celide with another galaxy in in a couple 100100000000000000 years from now past millions of peoples lives so don’t worry. Did you know that close to how many solar system in the galaxy is about how many grains of sand are on earth. That is a lot of solar system in 1 galaxy . and that there is a metier that could hit earth in the year 2036 but I think that they will ether find something to hit it with or it just will get taken from another planets gravity  but it wont kill any body any ways so there’s nothing to worry about right now. I would always wont to go on the moon that would be a neat experiences in my life but its to expensive they make everything to expensive but I understand for this one . Now I’m going to talk about the Amazon forest a bit that’s interesting to you know well I think so at leest
Amazon forest, the Amazon forest is just being destroyed I don’t understand why it is so special it would be one of the most special if it wasn’t being destroyed but the blew there chance all as they want is money I don’t see why money is the world it just a pees of paper with numbers on it why so series and this is alcoholy true not saying that the other stuff isnt true some of it is but human being is a failed sepses it just destroyed earth. I am not trying to be mean ether I am just saying what is going on with this  pure forest you are also killing so many animals. All right back to space and planets. I know that there is more planets out there that have oxygen because we arnt the only ones that can breath because space is just to big of a place not to have more than one planet that has oxygen I know there is more than one planet like that. in the universe there are meetyers that pas earth and the moon all the time. the universe know one has found the edge of the universe yet . Mars is getting invited they are trying to find water on Mars not that it is a bad thing they also found pyramids on Mars to that could be a sign of aliens I be liven aliens do you? I also think that aliens made us a lot of people don’t beleven aliens but I do . An alien could of put a peas of back are on a rock then sent it to earth then all the life formed and then finally us one of the newest animals in the world people ether are still dinosaurs on earth you know frogs sharks crocodiles and that about it people used to think that the world was square and you would fall off if you went to far. there are still trillions of thing to be discovered out there in space the universe is just so big that so much things can fit in it. we are not the only life in the universe the universe is just a big explosion that happened called the big bane it happened a couple trillion yeas ago. Also there is a storm on Jupiter that has been there for sentry’s. Saturn has rings but Saturn also has another ring around the first ring to that ring is very big and it is red. Vunis is the only planet that goes clock wise . Thank you for reading my dock I will make another one next time
by roan: Meredith

Just to clarify, Jupiter actually has 63 moons, and Uranus has 27. The Meteor he talks about hitting Earth is known as Apophis, and you can read more about it online.  (although I prefer Roan’s version).

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