Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stress - 1, Eric - 0

This past week has been hectic emotionally.  Unfortunately mainly for Eric.  He had the bad luck of having his laptop completely crash on him on Tuesday night after working hours on the latest project for the book he's illustrating.  His stroke of bad luck continued the next day with his boss informing him that an extension on the dead line wasn't going to work for him and he was no longer able to pay Eric for the work he is doing.  Poor Eric doesn't handle stress too well.  Not to say I'm a saint at it, but he literally doesn't have any real skills in this department.  Me (and his mom and brother) trying to be the voice of reason wasn't cutting the mustard.  I've never seen him like this.  It was not good.  We tried to formulate a plan going forward but his self worth, self esteem and stress got the best of him.

I've spent the past few days writing up cover letters for him and researching potential jobs in the area, he's spent time on the phone to the Timber Framer's Guild trying to get contacts and advice and researching jobs as well.  I know it's only a couple of days in, but he's discouraged with the lack of response.  No patience this man, I tell ya!

Anyway, in my opinion Roan always has a way of cheering people up.  He's the best little kid ever.  I swear.  His heart is always in the right place.  I know Eric can get frustrated with him but I cannot get over how much those two are alike.  They are practically the same person with 20 years between them.  The reason I bring this up is because he spent an hour on Wednesday trying to make Eric a card to let him know he cares.  Here's some pictures of it:

I don't know if the spent bullet or shell casing was overly appropriate or completely suitable considering I'm sure Eric wanted to blow his brains out this week.   The card made Eric smile for a split second, so it accomplished its purpose I suppose.

On Friday things progressed in a better direction for Eric and it looks like his boss spoke out of context or something, but he'll get paid and they'll keep working on the book.  I do think if we have to find a silver lining this whole situation kicked Eric in the ass with a reality check and he knows what he needs to prepare for now going forward.  He's going to still continue on with the job search and maybe to do two jobs.  We know eventually this book deal is going to run out so he needs some back up when that happens.

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