Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sawyer-bean!!

It's my favourite girl's birthday weekend!  It's such a nice change shopping for a little girl.  Everyone (including myself) close to me has boys.  Except Miss Sawyer Bean here:

I got her a little baby doll (with a cute pink stroller) that she can feed and change.  Ya, I'm lame.  I dig this shit.  I had boys remember?  And of course, because she's a little tom boy I got her an annoying Thomas the Tank toy that was driving Roan mad in the car all the way home. I found something I else I really really REALLY wanted to get her but I'll hold off on that until Christmas.  She needs to grow a little.  And I figure I can find it while I'm at Disney in November.  Which on a side note, I'm uber excited for! 

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