Thursday, August 12, 2010

My mother always said, 'It's a wonder you have any friends at all."

I'm a lucky girl.  I have wonderful friends who are tolerant and understanding and thoughtful and who truly get me.

I know a lot of people and I have so many of these people that I genuinely enjoy spending time with.  I always have fun while I'm with them.  (Life is just too short to have it any other way.)  I would still class these people as friends, but they aren't really who I'm talking about. 

I mean my bestest friends.  The ones I can tell secrets to, and make stupid comments to who and they would never judge me.  The ones I can call up after not talking to them in weeks and we pick up where we left off.  The ones I can sing off key at the top of my lungs with, or go without a bra in front of.  You know those special few we hold deep in our heart?  And at the same time, sadly, I take advantage of.  By that I mean I neglect my friends.  I miss them so much when I don't see them enough yet I allow the routine of a mundane life to get in the way of spending time with them. 

I know as we get older and have our own families and jobs that we do less and less together as things don't overlap quite like they used to.  It makes me sad, but I'm not the only person this happens to.  I know this...  I need to make more of a concerted effort to try harder going forward.  This coming from a person who is faced on a daily basis with the reality that life is short and we have to make the utmost best of it while we're here. 

There are so many things I want to make the decision to change but this is at the top of the list.  I need to make sure my usual laziness doesn't interfere.  My friends were the MOST important things in my life.  Over the years other things have worked their way up this ladder and that's ok, I just need to make sure my friends know they are still in the top three.  I need them to know I cherish every moment I do get with them no matter how small and I value their friendships, I adore the memories I have with them and I long for creating new ones all the time.  I'm proud of my friends and I know they are proud of me, no matter how absent I can be. 
Me and Ms. Margie T.

Sunshine (Jodi) and Lolipops (Me)

Me and my pessimistic partner in crime, Lesley.

She was born as my sister, but I choose Dawn as my friend.

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