Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kitty love

These are my  kitties.  I have, in fairness, probably 3 too many.  I'd have more if I was legally allowed and could spend all day every day cleaning up kitty hair and litter boxes, but alas four it is.

These are the two I love the most.  Shhh, don't tell the others.  I've always wanted a Siamese kitty and so about 5 years ago I adopted my seal point Kanika.  She's my kindred kitty.  I love her to bits and thought I was going to lose her this year and I was beside myself with stress.  She's all better now though.  And that little smoosh in white is Mr. Oliver.  He's my sucky baby and I love him very much.  I adopted him after a failed attempt at a dog (who was I kidding?) about 3 years ago.  They love each other so much.  

These are the two newest additions to the family.  The Calico is Miss Priss, Tabouleh.  She's kind of stuck up and aloof.  She warmed up to me briefly when we had a scare with her a couple of months ago, but she's back to her old self of hating me.  So I "tolerate" her.  She's Eric's kitty. I got her for him when he was sadly missing his beloved Captain.  She's no Captain, but she's a nice replacement as he loves her to bits and she loves him.  And that black beast is Shakespeare.  Or Poet.  Or Beethoven.  Or Shaky.  Or Black Boy.  Or just Asshole.  He's utterly awesome.  Who'd have thunk that was possible with a black cat?  He's our newest guy. He picked Roan all on his own and became part of our family immediately.  He's the absolute best cat in the whole world, personality wise.  And he even plays catch.  See? I'm not missing that dog afterall!

So that's my feline family and they are the best things ever!
Hugs and Hisses!

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  1. I like dogs.

    My friend Heather and her husband have 10 cats. Its MENTAL when i go there....