Monday, August 23, 2010

Seasonal Love Letters

Dear Autumn (-like) weather:

I secretly love you.  I always have.  I know I don't tell you it often enough or frankly even admit it, but I do.  I want to curl up in bed with you, read a book, chill OUT! I like taking walks with you too... 

I just wish you weren't so 'kind' to that annoying friend of yours, Winter.  He always seems to be following you around.  Even when you show up by yourself to the party, eventually he comes.  I can't believe you haven't figured out yet that he's cramping your style.  You should ditch that dude and hang with the ever lovely ladies, Spring and Summer.  Now they are fun times! 

I love our brief alone times.  Please consider finding a way to break up with that pesky friend of yours and we'll be able to freely spend many days and nights together without me having to constantly look over my shoulder.

Give this some thought.
Love Always,

1 comment:

  1. Fall is my favorite season - I love that "cold enough for a big hoodie, but not cold enough for a jacket" weather....

    Did you do your first ride along???