Friday, April 19, 2013

The New Men In My Life

About a month ago, I started seeing two other men.  I didn't run it past Eric but after it officially started I did confess to him.  He seems OK with my decision.  *Where's the winking face emoticon?*

So since the middle of March I've been going to a chiropractor 3 times a week.  My neck and lower back just seemed to hurt continuously, so I did a little research and actually learned some other stuff too.  Turns out your brain controls everything through your spinal column and if one of your nerves is pinched then what that particular nerve controls is unhealthy right?  Like d'uh!  Makes sense.  **I really did know that already, sometimes it helps to really hear it though.

So upon my initial consultation I was sent for a full spine x-ray so they could see if I had any sublexations in my spine (a popped out vertebrae) and if my spine was properly shaped in a lovely "S" from the side view and straight up and down from the front view.  I'll have you know, they even commented on how wonderful my posture is overall, but I knew that already.  So while they were walking me through their diagnosis while inspecting my actual film, I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying because all I could stare at were the gross ghostly images of my floppy boobs that were much, MUCH clearer in the x-ray than I ever imagined they would be!  I kind of thought just the calcium stuff in your body showed up!  WRONG!  Awkward.  I wanted to stop him mid lecture to inform him that my boobs look, in fact, much more appealing and not as "low hanging" in real life than in this damn image that I simply couldn't look away from.  I'm still kind of hung up on it if you can't tell.  Is it possible for even x-ray films to add 10 lbs???  The good news is my spine is perfectly straight from the front view.  However, from the side view my neck is ramrod straight when it should be curved like a "C".  Yikes.  Might explain all my headaches (though lack of water and improper nutrition may also play a teeny tiny role), since the cushiony spaces between my vertebrae (disks) are deteriorating with all the friction.  And all this jackhammering that occurs when I walk from my head onto my spine would be causing my lower back pain. 

So, upon these discoveries I was told I'm in pretty decent shape and it's repairable.  Adjustments we shall start!  After the first two adjustments on my lower back I literally feel no pain.  No for reals, no pain.  I used to wake up every single morning and complain about my lower back hurting, but I haven't for the past month.  So something is working.  My neck is taking a little longer, but they said that was expected because of the deterioration in my disks and the need to slowly bend it back into a permanent "C" shape again.  I have, however, consciously noticed that I can now turn my neck side to side with much greater ease than I have been able to recently.  So there you go, more progress I suppose. 

I'm still getting used to the grabbing hold of my head and yanking it like they're trying to rip it off my neck and the popping sounds and feelings that accompany it (it's not that bad, I exaggerate a little - but not much).   Next week they are going to re-access me to see if my condition is getting better and they're going to examine my feet/walk to see how hard or improper I carry myself.  I'm not buying orthopedic shoes though.  I'm only just coming to terms with being too old to hang out in clubs, I couldn't tolerate or humour the idea that I might need air cushioned soles with arch support.  Next will be those pressure socks and a hearing aid!   


  1. Last week month, orthotics. Now if I could sort out a "normal" colour for my hair to cover the greys maybe it would make me feel less old.

  2. Good for you!I need to make an appointment with our chiropractor, though I know what you mean about the "floppy boobs" phenom. Pretty startling!