Thursday, April 18, 2013

Overstayed Welcome?

So a few weeks ago I got a message from Lesley asking if Eric and I wanted to go see Andrew WK at a small venue in Hamilton on what would be this past Sunday.  I said sure for three reasons: 
1.  Eric likes Andrew WK
2.  I do too but more importantly unlike Eric I haven't had the chance to see him live yet, and
3.  It was $15.00 a ticket.  (What concert can you go to where it only costs 15 bones now a days?)

Then, Sunday rolled around.  After a busy week/weekend it was getting increasingly more difficult for me (and Eric) to get the motivation to get dressed and drive to Hamilton (being Hamilton is enough reason, trust me) at 9 p.m. knowing full well I had to work at 8:30 the next day.  We tried our hardest to get out of it with Lesley but no dice.  She really wanted to go.  Groan. 

Worst vibe ever.  It was a Scenester's paradise up there.  I exaggerate not!  Every god for saken form of hipster was present.  Now I'm a lover of guys in skinny jeans and at first I thought that might be the saving factor for the evening, but even that got old.  There were mustaches everywhere.  And I'm sorry but a mustache just can't be awesome.  Beards yes, mustaches no.  At one point after Eric and Lesley left me holding our seats I was punished incessantly by an Ellen Degeneres lesbian look alike who didn't seem to take the "I'm not interested" seriously and kept touching my arm and knee and leaning into my lap when she talked to me.  Not fun. 

So after a 45 minute delay Andrew finally graced us with his presence on stage.  And what a fiasco that was.  No band, just him and a keyboard with the worst sound possible and an open invitation for every loser to join him on stage for this party.  Ugh.

We tolerated it for only three songs, but during those songs I questioned if I would be enjoying it if I was 20.  Would I be one of those people on stage screaming into the microphone?  Would I be that hipster girl in the club with her sunglasses on and the most inappropriate shoes?  Was I hating on this show because I'm rounding up on 40 now?  Am I seriously getting too old for this scene?  Don't answer that.  I just kept sitting there thinking in 3 more years Gage could be at this exact show with me.  There were definitely people who were older than me there, but I'm starting to think their kids were in the opening bands. 

I think I'm beginning to accept that I'm becoming an old person.  Those people I loathed at 20 and made fun of when I saw them at clubs and shows.  It's interesting because the last time we did a girls night of dancing in Toronto we asked ourselves when we should be hanging up our dancing shoes.  I suggested the night we were not hit on would be the night we retired as dancers.  I can't even use that excuse as a reason not to go to club shows with tons of scenesters because I was hit on!

I really do like being in my bed by 9 p.m.  I don't have to be sleeping, lounging is fine.  I should probably buy some velour lounge wear a la Mrs. Roper (Three's Company).  See even my comparison ages me. 

Make that closer to 40 and it really applies to me.


  1. Your blog completes me.

  2. haha... Great post. Hate when the show isn't even worth the drive!

  3. I find that when I go to this kind of stuff now, even my annual trek to see primus, i am not only a spectator of the show but the crowd as well. I clearly don't fit in with the other people in the crowd ever. There is one safe haven though. One crowd that never changes and we will always fit in. Iron Maiden.