Saturday, April 20, 2013


I have zero tolerance for conspiracy theorists.  I truly understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I'm running out of patience with their need to bombard social media with their views.  Call me naive but I really just can't get behind their theories or truly believe that governments and corporations would go to the extent that these theorists are speculating. 

I don't write this to start a debate because I have not a care in the world to further study and understand every nitty gritty detail behind the tragedies that are happening.  But I cannot believe, not even for a second, that the US government plotted the whole 911 saga on purpose.  Nope, I won't believe it.  Is it honestly too hard to grasp that other countries hate the States?  Is it so difficult to believe that other countries could plot against the great United States?  I have never once bought into all the ridiculous notions behind 911 except that it was a terrorist attack.  Period.  And I've wasted countless moments of my precious life watching documentaries highlighting both sides of the coin.

Now lets move on to the most recent, I don't even need to type it right?  So the theory this go around is that these two guys have been set up.  WHAT?  Un-fucking-believable.  Is it impossible to think that two brothers could resent that country enough to fuck. shit. up?  Why, why, WHY would any government agency just randomly pick two dudes to set up, then plant bombs around a beloved event and cause massive carnage?  Why is it hard to understand that shutting down Boston was in the best interest of the citizens?  I know you wouldn't catch my ass outside of my house during those long hours.  I'd be laying on the floor, on top of my children with shit piled on top of me in the rare event that a stray bullet came through a wall into my house.  All these feelings about fear mongering is killing me.  People are afraid because other people are unpredictable.  It's natural to fear things.  It even occurs in the animal kingdom for crying out loud.  I'm pretty confident in my beliefs that the government doesn't have to go out of its way to provide us with something to fear.  But then I suppose the theorists are pretty confident in their beliefs too so this could go around in circles all day long.  I would love to have access to whatever kool-aid the government fed those brothers to force them to carry gym bags into throngs of people and drop them on the ground.  How did they convince the eldest to strap a bomb around his body and confront officers leading to the shoot out?  If these guys aren't guilty why did they have access to all these illegal weapons of mass destruction?  Who forced these brothers to carjack numerous vehicles, and kill an officer?  Enough already.  There doesn't have to be a conspiracy around every single goddamn thing that takes place! 

And don't even get me started on all the gun control posts that keep bombarding my damn news feed!  I've had to 'hide' so many friends lately.  That's a lot of work ya know???  It's safer that way.  I refuse to inundate people with my beliefs on those subjects every single time I see a posting and frankly I don't really want to poke holes in my eyes with forks.  So it's just best to remove them from my news feed, for now.  

And exhale.  Done rant. 

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