Saturday, October 13, 2012

This Moment {5} - part two!

A couple summers ago I was offered an opportunity to go on a fishing charter and bring my family.  I hesitated at first because we're not really fishing people (I find it dreary and boring and plain all over dull), we're not morning people (had to be up at the crack of dawn to get on the water), Eric's a vegetarian so I didn't think he'd have any interest at all in catching fish, period), and I get motion sickness from merely sitting in the passenger seat of my car.  A few things against the idea really, but it was a lovely offer (and rude of me not to accept) and it was FREE (when something like this goes for around 4-5 hundred buckaroos)!  Plus it was something for us to do with the boys and we'd make memories right?  So I agreed. 

This was the absolute, very first time I've ever fished in my life.  Yup, I pre-judged that shit.  My boys and Eric had been fishing (off the dock of the bay style) before but never on a charter.  We headed out at 6 a.m. onto the open waters of Lake Ontario on a July morning.  Still a little chill in the air but we knew it would warm up throughout the morning.  (I'm still pretty sure that fishing dock of the bay style is dreary and dull.)

This beautiful rainbow here is my very first catch ever!  She was over 15lbs and fought me for every last second of her life.  My arms were like a tube of jello after I reeled her in.  I honestly was so close to handing the rod over to Eric to finish her off but she was just that close to my grasp.  I'm so glad I persevered and finished the task myself.  It was a great feeling (aside from the dull, throbbing ache of my arm for an hour after). 

Throughout the day we all took turns catching fish and reeling them in.  When we left the open waters and headed back to dock, about 4 hours later, we had about 20 fish.  The captain filleted them for us and bagged them up so we could take them home.  We ended up giving a lot of the fish away but we did BBQ some up for ourselves (minus Eric) and it was even tastier (I think because we worked so hard to get it).  The boys had a great day and even Eric got wrapped up in it.  We'd love the opportunity to do it again some time.  If you ever get the chance you should do a fishing charter at least once.  It was a great way to kill a morning and some fishies. 

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