Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Blog Challenge

Oh no, what have I roped myself into??  Today's the jump off for the October Blog a Day Challenge (actually yesterday was, but I already had something to post on Monday).  I'm not too sure I'm in the right (psyched up) mind frame to pull this off again.  I feel like I'm still recuperating from July's blog challenge.  For real.  To help though, I've tried to come up with a list of potential post subjects to work through during this challenging month. 

Since I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one searching for ideas and content to post about I figured I'd share my suggestions with you.  It would be great to see another person's take on the same or altered version of a subject.  So consider this a helpful diving board and spring into action.  Use these as a running block and push off on this month long marathon.  Alright enough with the analogies, lets get going! 

*Set a timer for 20 minutes and write down everything you'd like your children to know about life.  Could be fun stuff, could be words of wisdom, just keep that pen or fingers moving.  First things that come to mind.  Then share them with us!

*Tell us why you blog and/or what you, personally, get out of it.

*Share with us your top 5 books and a brief description about why we should also read them.

*Confide in us, your readers, your 10 guilty pleasures.

*Link us in to your favourite three YouTube videos.

*Do a feature blog highlighting a small business (other than your own) or friend's business. 

*Tell us about one person you are so glad you met.  How has this person changed, altered, enhanced, affected your life. 

*Describe to us that one thing you do every day.  The what, the who, the how, the why, the when.

*Share with us the stuff you've been doing around your house.  For example, renovations, crafts, organizing techniques, gardening, etc.

*Write a letter to someone you miss the most.  Maybe they'll read it too!

*Tell us about your love affair with....Could be a person, a product, a location, an event.

*Talk to us about a social issue.  Share your views (good or bad) on bullying, gay marriage, the war, natural disasters (ie. hurricane), charitable organizations, social media, 'Hollywood', health care, teachers diagnosing children, etc.

So while there aren't 31 actual subjects to cover all the days you have ahead of you, hopefully you are able to fill one of those needs with an example from above.   Do you have any ideas for blog subjects to share with me?  Then go on, leave them in the comments, I always love new ideas.  Also, if you decide to use this particular blog post as inspiration and you do your own version of a list, leave me a link to your blog in my comments, I'll be sure to take a peek and add some of your ideas to my own growing reminder list.  Bring on the 31 posts in 31 days challenge!  I look forward to catching up with some of my favourite bloggers and finding new ones to stalk!


  1. I like all of those ideas! I might have to break out of the little theme I have going and do an extra post on one of them sometime this month.

    This month I am doing a post a day on holidays and observances that are going on throughout the month of October. It ain't just about Halloween. ;) And I am lucky that there is something (or many somethings) happening every day this month.

    1. Interesting...I'll have to take a stroll on over to your blog! Look forward to learning some new stuff this month about October observances. :)

  2. I did a blog prompts post just today to break my blogging fast. Always interesting to see how others come by inspiration. I have blogged about books and linked YouTube videos, talked about friends and experiences. There is still so much to say amidst all that has been said. Oh the joys and fun!