Friday, October 5, 2012

This Moment {4} - Part two!


Roan had been bugging me incessantly about taking him to the Humane Society for a visit with the kitties.  So finally one afternoon I was able to scoot out of work early for whatever reason and take him.  I made sure to tell him I had no intentions whatsoever of adopting a new cat as we had three at the time and that was more than enough!  Eric also made sure that "DO NOT BRING ANY ANIMAL HOME." was the last thing he said to us as we backed out of the driveway.  (He tries so hard to be tough about animals....pfft) 

We got there and this little black cat with the worlds biggest personality immediately took to Roan.  Roan was bent over petting another cat and this black one jumped right up on his back and laid down, made himself right at home.  He's a smart kitty as in that moment Roan was smitten.  Roan begged me and pleaded with me to let him bring this cat home.  After all, I had a cat, Gage had a cat and Eric had a cat, it would only be fair right?  So I ask about the cat and was told that because we had three cats we weren't in the running to adopt this little guy as our town has a bylaw that only permits 3 cats per household.  Roan was heartbroken and on the verge of tears.  An immediate change in his character.  The girl at the Humane Society felt terrible and went to task on our behalf and got them to override the 'rules'.   So homeward bound we were. 

Eric immediately gave us his look of disapproval when he spotted the box in the backseat of the car.  And he guffawed at us that we adopted a black cat.  Black cats were assholes and stupid and no fun at all.  I assured him this wasn't the case with this little man, Shakespeare.  And the cat immediately proved me right.  Eric fell madly in love with this guy and stole him away from Roan. 

As I mentioned above he's got a humongous personality.  He's crazy laid back as you can see from the above photo.  He took to all of us right away with no weirdness or adjustments.  This was how he slept from the start.  Didn't seem phased that we were posing Bionicles on his body as he sawed logs.  He's a talker, he's a licker (and loves to have face love with us), he digs Eric's beard and often grooms us if we let him.  He sleeps with us, he shows up in the shower with us, he's playful and loves to go outside (we only allow him out with us while he's on a leash with harness).  He's a great hunter and makes sure that no mouse gets out alive (my hero).  He will reach up against us and put both his front paws on either side of our face and rub his head against ours (almost hug-like).  He's a great little find.  Just more proof that animals from shelters can wedge a place within your family and heart.  He's changed our stance on black cats forever.  He's truly awesome.  He's our Mitter Man. 

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