Sunday, May 12, 2013

If It Can, It Will.

Despite the entire negative connotation, I cannot think of another way to describe this happenstance than to suggest it is a pretty decent example of Murphy's Law. 

In January, Eric was laid off.  Since late February he has been collecting Unemployment Insurance.  While we all know how piddly that payout is, we are grateful for even that little bit as it truly does help.  While he's been off he's been getting more done in Gage's new digs, he's been getting up each morning and cooking us breakfast and heavily bonding with the pooch.  Every week I would take a gander through the available job sites and occasionally fire off a resume if something stood out as appropriate for him.  Last week there were about a dozen job postings that he had the relevant experience for so I fired off 12 resumes and 12 cover letters (it was a relatively quiet work day). 

Now in the meantime, I've been gearing up for 10 days off starting today.  But more importantly since the weather has been so nice, I've just been looking forward to hanging out with Eric for my time off.  Nothing major planned, just puttering around the house and enjoying the patio and sun.  You can see where this is going right?  So of COURSE, he gets two call backs from the applications I sent out.  Of course.  One he scored an interview for and the other he was actually offered the job following a phone conversation (ended up cancelling the interview).  Good, right?  For sure.  Just impeccable timing.  Now I get to hang out alone for 10 days.  Whomp whomp!

Lets be clear though, had we waited until his EI was getting ready to run out there would have been ZERO job opportunities for him to apply for.  He would be scrambling and stressing, or even worse had nothing in the horizons upon the demise of his piddly cheques and well...that would suck balls.   So he we are very grateful that this proved to be a fruitful endeavour, it just would have been awesome had it happened a week later, for our own selfish reasons. 

So starting tomorrow, Eric will be working for a landscaping company here in the Niagara Region.  He's genuinely looking forward to working outside, in the dirt.  So for his sake, I hope it's a great fit.  Out of the two call backs, this was the one he thought he'd be more content with.  He's going to be kept busy, busy with 10 - 11 hour work days but he should be home in the evenings.  Last summer sucked huge with him on afternoons and midnights all season.  I feel like I barely enjoyed our patio and we rarely saw each other. 

But, on another note, while I was sending out resumes for Eric I stumbled across an ideal job position for Gage.  I know he already has a job, but he's not keen on it.  So I told him I'd found a potential position he might like but since he's 16 and lazy he said he already had a job and didn't feel like going through the process of finding another one (typical).  Until I explained what this new prospect was and then his ears immediately perked up.  Needless to say, he has an interview on Tuesday night.  Fingers and toes are crossed he gets it.  It's not too often you get a job you'll actually love to do thrown at you when you're 16.  No, it's not a life long position but it's perfect for a 16 year old boy!  Good luck buddy, I'll be rooting for you. 

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