Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Typical Holly Mother's Day

A mother's job is thankless.   I've learned that over the past 17 years, but sometimes, beyond my control, it gets to me and my feelings get hurt.   I guess I just assumed that as they got older they wouldn't have to be reminded to go out of their way to do something nice for me (no money needs to be spent).  I would have been content with a post on my Facebook wall or a phone call that didn't consist of, "Happy Mother's Day!  Did I ever tell you you were the best mom ever?  Can you pick me up at Benji's?"

Sigh...I suppose it's pretty typical of boys.  They're less emotional and sentimental.  Less inclined to think of other's feelings without being prompted or reminded.  I know it stands true when it comes to Father's Day as well, but I guess I just assumed it would be different with me because,'s mainly been me and them.  I'm the one foundation in their lives that's been constant.  I'm not sure why I think I'm any different and I guess that's what bothers me about getting upset about it.  I know, with every fibre of my being, that my boys love me so very much.  I know they count on me and take me for granted because they know I will always be there when they need me and even when they don't.  They know they can count on me.  I don't let them down, I don't put things before them, I follow through.

I hope one day they'll surprise me with something special or nice on Mother's Day, without being prompted or reminded.  One maybe in 10 years?  Mid-twenties?  Is that about right?  Is that when children start to appreciate the parent(s) that was ever consistent in their lives?  Or do I really need to wait until they have their own children for an ounce of appreciation?

I'll wait, quietly, because that's what mothers do.  I'll remind myself to relish in the moments when they do profess their love for me, even if they are looking for a ride or 10 bucks.  Sometimes they do just surprise me with random comments or hugs.  I guess I'll take those little gifts when I get them instead of wishing for them all on a Hallmark created holiday.   I shouldn't need a specific day to re-affirm the relationship I have with these two boys, but I'll secretly look forward to the day they knock my socks off!


  1. Don't worry Missy. that day will come. I have 5 kids. One with sp. needs. It's my oldest son who is usually the first to wish my Happy Birthday or Happy Mother's day. He is 27. My daughter's always do too but he is usually the first. It wasn't always that way.

    1. Good to hear!! I will keep my faith that it will come ONE day then! Thank you Dayna.