Sunday, January 13, 2013

Makes Cents!

Everyone is always looking for ways to easily save money right?  It's just usually hard for us to curb our habits and change our ways in order to achieve the right results.  For me anyway.  I enjoy the lifestyle I live but of course, I'd love to have extra money to do more things like travel and home renovations. 

This year I have one thing I'm going to try my hardest to stow money away for and that's a trip for four to Mexico in November.  It was a toss up between Disney again or an all inclusive at the resort Margaret and I stayed at last year.  Eric was easy peasy, Roan didn't offer much of an opinion and Gage voted for Mexico.  Both cost the same amount with air fares and meals.  So Mexico it will hopefully be.  Fingers crossed I can remain diligent in my quest and I don't get easily sidetracked.  But that's not really what this post is intended to be about.  That just happens to be one of the things I need to save money for.   The other is of course, Christmas. 

So at work on Friday, Deb showed me a brilliant idea she had stumbled across on Pinterest.  I'm not terribly sure where the idea originated from but I think the source she found it on was  I've decided I'm going to do it. 

The idea is to put the equivalent of each week in cash, for a full year, away (is that sentence even proper grammar?).  So on week one you would put $1.00.  Week 37 you would put away $37.00.  Week 52, $52.00.  You get the idea right?  If you follow this rule of thumb after 52 weeks and 52 deposits you will have saved $1378.00.  Wowza!  Doesn't seem like a lot of money to tuck aside but it really does add up quickly.  I've decided I'm not following the traditional rules and doing week 1,2,3,4,5 and so on.  I've decided I'm going to just to put away what money I have each week and scratch that corresponding week off the list.  I'll try to tackle a few of the larger deposits when I have extra money laying around rather than doing them all week after week towards the end of the year and my scheduled Mexico trip.  Ya know?  I have also decided to back pay myself so it corresponds with a cashing in date of the first week of December and I'll be able to use all that money for Christmas shopping.  It really is a great way to save for Christmas. 

So I've asked Eric to piece together some ugly, tough as nails box to store my deposits in that I can't easily get into but I won't be devastated to destroy it when it's withdrawal time.  Is this something you think you could do and be successful at?  What would you spend your $1378.00 on?  Do you have any other money saving tricks and tips that are easy and attainable? 

You can print this picture off and keep it as a log for each deposit you make!  Good luck to you all! 

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