Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Theatres Everywhere...Tomorrow, I swear!

Phew!  I'm exhausted.  Aside from being fairly busy at work, I haven't found much reprieve even when I'm able to steal away home.  I'm beginning to see a pattern forming that commences approximately a week and a half prior to Gage's exams starting... The onslaught of late assignments that need to be completed and submitted before the exam in order for Gage to pass his course.  Sigh...I want to get so mad, but I'm pretty confident I did the exact same thing during my go around. 

So this past week (on top of work and still being sick) I've we've managed to complete the writing of a myth, the filming of a trailer for said myth, reading a book "The First Stone", completing comprehensive readers notes for said book on Characters, Plot, Setting, Archetypes, and Themes, writing a Critical Essay on the story, doing an essay on why Julius Caesar was a great leader, and studying for the actual exam!  I wrote that I've completed these things and then scratched it out because it merely feels like I completed all these things alone, but that's not true.  Gage and I spent a lot of quality time together this week and Gage and Eric actually worked on the video/movie trailer.  I can assure you all that if Eric didn't exist in our lives, Gage would be getting a zero on that component. 

We figured to do a tongue in cheek myth about why Gage struggles to hand his assignments in on time or at all.  Since he's probably such a frustration to his teacher he might as well make her laugh.  We pooled all of our ideas and came up with a mythological beast that closely resembles an Xbox but eats homework, takes over Gage's motivation and has an uncanny knack for stealing his writing instruments and replacing them with an Xbox controller.  The Procrastasaurus or something like that.   The clip below is the trailer about his myth that he handed in.  No clue what kind of grade he got on it but it sure made me laugh.  Especially the part at the end about it's arrival in theatres...Tomorrow, I swear.  Infamous last words his poor saint of a teacher has heard more often than not this past semester. 

There was a moment of hope this week though when Gage proposed the idea of doing his homework when it's assigned to him.  I've reassured him numerous times that we'd always be willing to help him but it would take way less time than 6 hours a night if we did it right away, or at least started it early.  He came up with the idea all on his own!  And he has figured out that Grades 11 and 12 are going to have strong impacts on his ability to get into a college.  It's so frustrating because based on the assignments and tests he did hand in and do his grade without trying would have been mid to high 70's.  With all his missing assignments he was sitting at a 39.  Completely uncalled for.'s hoping he's starting to mature and figure some of this stuff out.  Let's see if he follows through with this idea next semester.  I think I might have made it a little easier for him to stick to his plans by pulling in the reigns on his freedom and how much of it he has this coming term. 

I like spending time with my kid and all, but come on! 


  1. I just nominated your for the Liebster award!