Thursday, November 8, 2012

That Old Familiar Feeling

There's something to be said about the comforting feeling I get when things revert back to a past normal for me.  For basically the past year Eric has been working either steady afternoons or steady midnights.  (Yuk, yuk and more yuk!)  I'm not lost without him as I'm a superdeeduper independent gal and all, but it's been topsy turvy to say the least.  It's hard for an entire house to remain quiet in the evening hours and it's hard for Eric to shut out the outside world to get proper sleep during the daylight hours.  It's safe to say that he was definitely ready to be done with this particular shift. 

So on Saturday following the dreaded (yet inevitable according to him) phone call informing Eric that his employer was laying a bunch of people off for 'lack of work' the demeanor in the house immediately changed.  Yah, pretty much just like that.  For him anyway.  Me?  Well of course I stress about finances.  But that's not really a huge issue when I think about it.  I survived all on my own for quite some time before Eric and his salary came along and I can persevere again if need be.  It was just really, REALLY nice to have two salaries again.  I won't lie.  At least unemployment insurance is an option this time if all else fails. 

I guess my point of this post is the comfort of having him around again.  I like being able to do stuff around the house with him (even if he hates it).  Seems like that kind of got away from us for a while.  Well, back at it!!  I also like having dinner together and preparing it together, even if he does stick goddamn Tempe in my freakin' stir fry.  And I really like that old familiar feeling of sitting side by side in bed on our laptops, blogging.  Yah folks, you read that right, he's posted FIVE new blog posts!! I shit you not.  We also throw the odd game of Scrabble in there too, but now he's getting good at that so I'm not feeling too superior anymore.   And I'm also looking forward to the day he can do drawings on the computer again for his old boss and a new book so I can curl up in the crook of his arm and go to sleep while he works.  That was cool too, even if it made things harder for him and he hates it. 

Today he got the chance to go work with a friend's father, who has a contracting company, cutting huge pieces of wood with chainsaws.  I know it could take a little bit of time and practise to get his skills back, but I have faith he can do it.  He's just that guy that seems to be decent at everything.  And big wood and powerful saws make him a happy lad.

So here's to new old normals my friends! 

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  1. As usual you are taking it in stride. If something doesn't come up you can start hiring him out to your relatives for odd jobs, but for now just continue to enjoy your new found time together.

    Aunt Laurie