Monday, November 19, 2012

Disco at Home

I've seen a lot of word wall art in the past couple of years.  Between decals, stenciling, and wood letters...I decided to do my own version of word wall art for the new den.  I think it's a unique take on it and frankly it's another successful craft by Holly (in my opinion anyway, and frankly that's all that matters because I'm keeping this one!). 

I purchased four wooden letters from Michael's craft store (I'm thinking this could be one of my new favourite stores) for six bucks each.  Then I spray painted them silver (can of spray paint was $7.00).  Then I glued 10 1/2 rolls of nickels on them (I'm not so sure a hot glue gun was the right route to take as a couple of the coins have since fallen off and have had to be reglued with a different adhesive, but live and learn), which gave me kind of a disco ball effect (from a distance) on the letters.  So eleven rolls of nickels cost me $22.00 but you could probably raid your change jar if you're one of those people.  I'm not, Eric's coffee addiction and Roan's penny candy addiction would never allow me to accumulate enough nickels on my own.

The plan was to hang this homemade $55 dollar art above my couch in the new den on the dark navy blue wall but I decided to just stand them up on a white floating shelf instead.  Up against the dark wall, they look pretty awesome.  I'm excited for the room to come together and to display some of my own handy work.  I don't think I'd have been able to find art work to encompass that amount of space for less than that kind of money from a store.  So I'm ok with high price tag on this craft.


  1. Oh very fun and innovative! I can never think so craftily as that!

  2. Super cute. I'm one of those people... change jars scattered all around my house!

  3. Looks very cool. Congrats on your creativity. ~Debra