Monday, November 26, 2012

A Side of Suitcase?

I made a piece of furniture!  No for reals I did.   This one right here.  Well not here exactly but right there below this sentence is a picture of it! 

I've run across a couple very inspiring 'suitcase' pieces through Pinterest and I've always wanted to make something.  I had originally purchased my blue hard case suitcase at Value Village last year for $5.00 with the intention of turning it into a chair like that one posted below.  But I just haven't been feeling it lately. 

Besides, I really don't have a spot in my house at the moment to accomodate a suitcase chair which is really about appearances and not about practicality.  Frankly it would just be a "neat-o" clothes holder or kitty chair.  Let's be real.  So when I stumbled across two nesting tables on Kijiji for $20.00 I thought, "EUREKA!  I've finally found a match for my suitcase."  And fit perfectly, they did. 

I ended up spray painting my little table a glossy white to match the room it was intended for.  It took me 4 coats of paint to get it even.  I didn't bother to waste paint by spraying the top, because well, that's redundant since you won't see the top!   Then I, put the suitcase on the floor with the bottom side up and I put the table on top of the suitcase table top down and I let Eric drill four holes.  (It makes him feel like a real man when I let him do stuff like that.  Trust me.)  Then we  he jammed the bolts through the holes and tightened it all up nice-nice. 

Then I flipped that bad boy over and VOILA, a suitcase table that looks like a professional made it.  And it cost me, maybe, $25.00 for all the supplies including the bolts and spray paint.  Now don't try to fool me by suggesting I could find a sweet bad boy like that pre-made for 25 bones cause I just won't believe you!   You wanna know the sweet bonus?  There were two keys inside the suitcase for locking and unlocking purposes (funny how keys do that) so now we have a lockable storage compartment built into my new kickass table for my den!  BAM BAM!  Double the pleasure! 


  1. that's so cool! The old suitcases are really beautiful. That chair is neat!

  2. I LOVE this! PS My Mom had that same suitcase! At least I am pretty sure from the picture. Same colour And looks to be the same size. Eventually it came to house Jo's and my Barbie stuff.